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  1. Bhagwanti

    We do have school uniforms. I think it is a good thing because we do have days when we are allowed to wear what we want. They may as well call it ‘judgement day’. Because all it does is make everyone feel as if they are in a competition for who is wearing the best clothes. Everyone feels judged and not all kids can afford the latest/coolest stuff to wear, which probably just gives them the chance to feel very uncool or like everybody is laughing at them.

    Also, there would be help for kids who can’t afford a uniform, although its much cheaper to buy a uniform than a regular outfit.

    There isn’t a problem with the whole ‘what about kids who don’t want to wear it’ because no school as to wear something absolutely terrible because the majority is black trousers/skirt, a shirt and a jumper/blazer, plus everyone is wearing it so who cares.

    Even though it can be annoying, I’m glad we have a school uniform, just makes school a lot easier, couldn’t be dealing with deciding what to wear every day.

  2. Marbea

    In my opinion school uniforms are not a bad idea, because they allow students to get ready faster and are cheaper for the parents.
    First, using a school uniforms make getting ready faster. For example, when I was in high school I worn an uniform so I didn’t lost time checking what I like to wear that day, I just put on my uniform.
    Second, using uniforms are not a bad idea because parents can save money. For instance, my parents bought my uniform at the beginning of the school year, therefore, spending money only one time.
    That’s why I think school uniform are not a bad idea.
    Thank you !!

    • Moderator

      Hi @Marbea,

      The Score: 3/4

      Speech is generally clear, though minor difficulties with pronunciation, intonation and pacing are noticeable.

      Check the pronunciation of “parent”:

      The response demonstrates limited range and control of grammar and vocabulary. Response exhibits some imprecise or inaccurate use of grammatical structures.

      “First, using a school uniforms make getting ready faster.” is not correct.
      Since you say “a”, uniform should be singular.
      And you should use the verb with “-s”.
      First, using a school uniform makes getting ready faster.

      “an uniform” is not correct.
      We use the pronunciation of the word following the article to determine whether we use “a” or “an”.
      And because “uniform” is pronounced starting with a consonant, we use “a”.
      “a uniform” is correct.

      “I didn’t lost time …” is not correct.
      You should say “I didn’t lose …”

      “… using uniforms are not a bad idea” is not correct.
      You should say;
      “school uniforms are not a bad idea” OR
      “using school uniforms is not a bad idea”

      You must avoid these grammatical errors. It’s important.


  3. Mary Silver

    Thank you for your help, this page has helped me so much to get better in my speaking.

    • Moderator

      Hi @Mary Silver,

      The Score: 3/4

      The response addresses the task appropriately. It is mostly coherent, sustained and conveys related ideas/information. Relationship between ideas are clear.

      Speech is generally clear. Your pronunciation is good. Minor difficulties with pacing are noticeable, though overall intelligibility is not significantly affected.

      The response demonstrates fairly effective use of grammar and vocabulary.
      One minor correction:
      Instead of;
      “Because you don’t have to think which clothes do I going to wear.”
      You should say;
      “Because you don’t have to think which clothes you are going to wear.”

      Response time for Question Type 1&2 is 45 seconds. You should skip the third reason, and conclude your response in the last 5 seconds (40-45).


  4. sharvani

    hey please rate this i mean i just commenced using this site my toefl is tomorrow please evaluate and score it 🙂

    • Goldy

      Hi Shravani I am not the rater but would like to comment as you have exam tomorrow. Your fluency, pronunciation and clarity is good. You could organize the content more and try to finish within time limit with conclusion.
      Best wishes. Do well 🙂

  5. ftm

    please help me with evaluation of my speaking.
    tnx in advance….
    I tried to fit my answer in 45 sec.

  6. rocket

    In my view school uniforms are good idea due to following reason.
    First of all I think school uniform is an identity of school. During inter school sports meet or any other event meet it is helpful for teacher to recognise their student, it’s give feeling of unity among students which can be seen during cheering for matches. Secondly it provides look wise uniformity among students. It is same for everyone – same for poor or rich student, if wearing school uniform would not be rule then rich student would be wearing latest and modern dress but poor student won’t afford them. They may feel guilty or they may feel other children will laugh at them. It saves time. Before going to school, instead of thinking which dress should I wear? What should be the colour, design and type of the dress; in case of school uniform we have only one option. Finally I think school uniforms are cheaper usually than other cloths so buying uniforms will save parent’s money.

  7. Lona

    My answer to the TOEFL Speaking question.

  8. Xnana

    My answer to the TOEFL Speaking question.
    Please give me feedback. I’d really appreciate. Great website 🙂

  9. Nav1993

    My answer to the TOEFL Speaking question.


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