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  1. sunilshk

    I have taken acting class. Acting class was important to me, because of two reasons.

    First, I always wanted to know how it would be to live someone else life. I was always interested in observing other characters or you can say people’s beaviour. So I thought learning acting would really help me, in exploring people’s behaviour, experiencing different ideology of the people. How it would be to live other persons life.

    Secondly, I love acting. In acting class, we do study characterization, we do different acting exercises, games which helps us in learning human behaviour, and specially freeing ourselves.

    For example:

    In Shakespeare’s Hamlet, Where a son have to take a revenge of his father’s murder. Because his father’s ghost tells him that his uncle (his Father’s brother) killed him, and got married with his mother. This situation, creates a doubt in hamlet’s mind that the ghost was real? Whether he should take revenge of his father or not? He should kill his uncle or not?

    I mean, I would love to study this kind of character and live this situation.

  2. sunilshk

    Thanks, for your honest feedback. Yes my microphone is bit playing naughty. But i will get it done.

  3. Moderator

    Dear @sunilshk,

    From the script of your answer, I can say that your answer is very very good. Well done!

    You provide two reasons and explain them in detail. You give an interesting example.

    Could you please adjust your microphone? Because it is very hard to understand your audio answer.

    Please go on and continue to answer the other questions.

    Practice makes perfect!

  4. chinmayatspeaking

    Please review the above answer. What is scoring range on which ETS grades speaking tasks? 1-4 or 1-5?
    Can you grade this task accordingly, so that I would get some confidence! Thank You!

    • Moderator

      Dear @chinmayatspeaking,

      Each of six tasks is rated from 0 to 4. The sum is converted to a scaled score of 0 to 30.
      Please check:

      The Score: 3/4

      The response addresses the task appropriately, but fall short of being fully developed.
      Minor difficulties with pronunciation are noticeable and may require listener effort at times.

      NOTE: If you submit your written responses, we can make a audio record for them.

    • Moderator

      Hello @prerna,

      The Score: 3/4

      Response is mostly coherent, sustained and conveys relevant ideas/information.

      You explain your reasons and support your response with examples. Very good!

      Minor difficulties with pronunciation and intonation are noticeable and may require listener effort at times.

      Note: The volume of your record is low and so it is difficult to understand. Please listen to your record before submit. Also, if you submit your written response we can provide more detailed feedback regarding grammar structures, etc.


    • Moderator

      Hi @pooja,

      The Score: 3/4

      Your response is very good. Well done! You are very successful in providing good examples.

      Again, the only point you could improve is intonation and pronunciation. If you submit your written response, we can create an audio record for it and evaluate grammatical structures, as well.


  5. Marbea

    One of the most important classes that I took in school was Physiology. In this class, I learned the normal function of the human body, and what happen when a certain organ does not function well.
    First, this class was essential in my career as a Pharmacist to learn, for example, the normal function of the pancreas.
    The second reason, why Physiology was important, was because it helped me to understand what happen when a certain hormone or enzymes does not work how it should. For instance, if the pancreas does not secrete insulin properly, a patience could have diabetes.
    For this two reasons, I consider Physiology one of the most important class in my career.

    • Moderator

      Hi @Marbea,

      The Score: 4/4

      Well done!!

      The response is mostly coherent, sustained and conveys relevant ideas / information. Relationships between ideas are clear.

      Speech is generally clear. Minor difficulties with pronunciation and intonation are noticeable, but do not affect overall intelligibility.

      The response demonstrates effective use of vocabulary. Response exhibits some inaccurate use of grammatical structures. But it does not seriously interfere with the communication of the message.

      Instead of “what happen” you should say “what happens” (“-s” is missing.)

      “The second reason, why Physiology was important, was because …”
      In this sentence “why” and “because” are redundant.
      “Secondly, Physiology was important because …” is better.


  6. Anna

    im doing my best to record it once. pls rate.. i really need a feedback.. do i need to put more details on my response or was that ok to get a 4/4?

    • Moderator

      Hi @Anna,

      The Score: 4/4

      The response is generally well-developed and the content is sufficient to the task.

      The most important point that you should pay attention is grammar. The response should be coherent and for this question you would be recommended to use past tense.

      Some repetitions (such as “and”), minor difficulties with pacing are noticeable, which do not affect overall intelligibility.

      You may check the pronunciation of “class”:


      • Anna

        thank you so much for the feedback. Im really nervous about my exam I think my English ability is not enough.. Thank you and God bless..

  7. imaria


    Could you check my answer, please?

    Thank you

  8. heraa

    Please review my response.Thank you.

    Introduction to Algoritm is an important class I have taken in school because of two reasons.

    First reason , I should have learnt programming very well.Because I studied in computer science.This lesson was a base for being a good programmer.In addition, It was a sophisticated lesson due to it was the first term of the college.

    Also, My programming lecture was a significant person in computer science so his information had a great value for us.

    To sum up, Introduction to Algorithm gave me a required and relevant information for my school life and career.

    • Moderator

      Hi @heraa,

      The Score: 3/4

      You say: “First reason, +sentence”
      You should say: “First reason is that +sentence” (“is that” is missing)

      The phrase ‘should have’ is used to talk about past events that did not happen.
      It indicates a missed obligation or opportunity in the past.
      You may use: had to, needed to, was supposed to

      You say: “I studied in computer science”
      You should say: “I studied computer science” or “I majored in computer science”

      Instead of “lesson”, you may say “class” or “course”.
      And instead of “base”, you may say “fundamental”
      Becoming a programmer is a cumulative process that builds up your skills year after year. So connecting prior knowledge to new concepts is crucial. This class provided me with the fundamental principles and concepts on which I would build throughout my academic career.

      “due to” means “because of” and is not followed by a sentence, but a noun.
      You may say “due to the fact that” or simply “because”.

      “sophisticated” is not the best adjective to describe a class / course. You should search for better alternatives.
      Also, the meaning (relationship between ideas) in the following sentence may not be immediately clear.
      “It was a sophisticated lesson due to it was the first term of the college.”

      You say: “lecture”
      You should say: “lecturer” or “professor”

      Instead of “information”, you may use “knowledge”

      You can not use “a” for “information”


  9. Lakshmi

    Hi ,Please can you review and rate me (0 – 4) . Kindly send me your feedback .

  10. Lakshmi

    Hi ,
    Please can you review this new record and give your rating .

  11. Marcelo

    Please, rate my speaking.
    Thank you!

  12. tarawanti

    In my 8th grade, I have taken a class of computer. This computer science is my favorite subject. there are a couple of reason in like that class becomes my important class in my life .
    first: I learn when and how computer invented and how it modified and how much fun is working with the computer.

    secondly: at that class teacher taught us how to store file and any type of data and I made the first assignment on a computer
    at that time that knowledge was a lot for me and enjoyed to work with computer

    after that class, I decided that I will continue my further study in this field and I did bachelor in computer science.

  13. 91simo

    can you please score my answer? i need an idea of how i am doing

  14. roy

    Please rate. I have TOEFL exam in a week

  15. mehmet

    In my opinion, Math is the most important class that I took for several reasons.
    First of all, My first math teacher is really knowledgable person. For example, at first, I was not good at Math. And this teacher changed my view against Math and help me love this class.
    Secondly, we use this subjects throughout our lives. For example, I engage in trade and I need to use Math whether i make a profit or make a loss. Also, without learning Math i cannot understand other subjects. Because all of them are connected with it.
    Hence, math is the best class to me.


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