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  1. Bhagwanti

    Tourism is rapidly transforming cultures, countries, and societies, sometimes for the better and often times not. Tourism can be good for economic reasons, but it can destroy culture.

    The tourism boom is driving out the locals. They can’t afford the higher rents propelled by foreign demands and the authorities turning a blind eye to illegal renting and leasing.

    Now souvenir shops and high-end foreign boutiques are replacing local artisans and essential local services from schools to clinics to bakeries and green grocers.

    Lastly, the crowded travelers undermine the ambience of the tourist venue. Residents become more materialistic. For instance, some local residents in famous historical villages cheat tourists amid the temptation of profit. Cultural transformation is happening in these places and changing their morality.

    To sum up, tourism deserves the recognition, respect, and regulation as one of the world’s biggest industries. Left unchecked and without proper regulations, tourism can destroy the culture.

  2. Nellie Angela Davis

    Tourism moves the country,society and the cultures at a particular point in time.In my opinion,it does not destroy the culture o a place.Below are some few reasons that depicts the facts.
    First of all,in economic perspective,it generates an income.For example during the festival of the Oguaa Traditional area,the tourist travel to Cape Coast to witness the festival and pay homage to the chiefs ,visit the castles and other interesting places of tourist centres which generates income to the place.
    Secondly,In Social perspective,it promotes the family reunion.People from different places come together to celebrate the festival

  3. chy

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  4. preyksha

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