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  1. Bhagwanti

    Homework may not be fun, but not everything in life is fun.

    The most important thing about teachers giving homework, is that it helps you so much on standardized tests. You work hard on homework and get better test grades.

    Although sometimes you have so much homework that you miss a baseball game or run out of time to meet your friends, education is more important than recreational events.

    Another important thing is attitude. If a child is excited to do his/her homework, that attitude provokes a good study period. If not, the child becomes stressed and tired. Nobody wants that to happen, so might as well take on homework with a positive attitude.

    I don’t think that homework is that difficult for children that manage their time very well.

  2. christina

    I think that homeworks aren’t very useful
    firstly sometimes it causes stress upon students I remmember myself anxious about my homework thus affecting my performance on 2nd day in the classroom
    secondly I think it becomes a burden on student as some teachers arent very straightforward about what they are asking for
    lastly each student has his own way of studing and know how can he succeed
    so I prefer not taking homeworks in schools

    • Moderator

      Hi @christina,

      The Score: 3/4

      The response addresses the task appropriately. You state your opinion and provide reasons to support your opinion. Very good!

      You use conjunctions to connect sentences and create relationships between ideas. Hence, the response is sustained and coherent.

      Grammar correction:
      “… and know how can he succeed …” is not correct.
      You should say:
      “… and know how he can succeed …”

      You should use punctuation marks appropriately. It will help you in the writing section.

      The main aim of this website is to practice TOEFL Speaking. We highly recommend you to record your audio response. Thus, we’ll be able to evaluate pronunciation, intonation and pacing.

      Continue to answer other questions. Practice makes perfect!


  3. Marbea

    In my view, homework helps the students for two reasons. First, when I do homework it helps me to reinforce what I have learned in class. For example, when I was in high school, my chemistry teacher gave us some chemical reactions to balance, that was a good way to remember the valence of the elements.
    Second, homework helps me to be cognizant of what I did not understand during class. For instance, I realized that balancing a chemical equation was not so easy.
    hat is why I consider that homework is helpful for the students.

    Thank you for your corrections !

    • Moderator

      Hi @Marbea,

      The Score: 4/4

      The response is mostly coherent, sustained and conveys relevant ideas / information. Relationships between ideas are clear.

      Speech is generally clear. Minor difficulties with pronunciation, intonation and pacing are noticeable which do not affect overall intelligibility.

      Response demonstrates effective use of vocabulary. (“valence” & “cognizant”)

      Response exhibits some imprecise and inaccurate use of grammatical structures. Some minor and systematic errors are noticeable but do not obscure the meaning.

      If you compare what you write and what you say, you will realize that;
      In the first sentence, you write; “homework helps the students for two reasons”
      But you say; “homeworks helps the students for two reasons”
      And in the second sentence, you write; “when I do homework it helps me”
      But you say; “when I do homework it help me”
      You write them correctly, but while speaking this might be confusing for you.
      It is a minor, but systematic error. If you pay more attention, you can overcome this difficulty.

      As a reminder, preparation time for this question type is 15 seconds. So, you should also practice to prepare your response / notes in 15 seconds.


  4. Psyche

    I’m a newbie and this is my first record in this website. I hope to take a feedback as soon as possible.

    Thank you so much for this service 🙂

  5. yasemin

    According to me, homeworks are helpful for 2 reasons, first that students learn better and they reinforce the lessons by doing their homeworks
    and second reason that it is easy to follow a students knowledge for the teachers if they re good or bad and know how they re doing at lessons.

    that s my response,will be happy if evaluated. its really hard for me to fit in an example to my answers so not going well 🙁

    thank you!

  6. Mehmet Eren Cengiz

    please evaluate my record.

  7. Umesh

    I feel that homework is helpful . I feels this way for two reasons.
    First of all, homework help students to learn better and reinforce them to learn leasson.
    Secondly, it help to find knowledge of student for teacher whether student are good or bad on the lesson.
    That’s why i feels that homework in helpful.

  8. nehap

    My answer to the TOEFL Speaking question.

  9. chaitanya lohith

    My answer to the TOEFL Speaking question.


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