Speaking Question 1

It is the first speaking question, but personally the most the difficult one. To make a choice, and come up with reasonable reasons, and also examples is not an easy task even in your native language.

First, try to answer each question in this website.

How? The most important point is to take notes. And my trick is to use the following template.

  • Your choice: State you choice and add “for two reasons”.
  • First reason: “First of all,” state your first reason.
  • Example: “For example,”
  • Second reason: “Secondly,”
  • Example: “For instance,”
  • Conclusion: “For these reasons,” repeat your choice.

When I tried to answer the first TOEFL Speaking question. I couldn’t say anything. This template helps you avoid silence, especially in the first 5-10 seconds.

I first studied by writing my answers instead of speaking. I answered as much as questions I could. This helped me make a choice and find reasons for making this choice.

It may seem funny but I want to illustrate how I could manage to answer the first question automatically. Every afternoon I have to walk for 10 minutes for lunch and 10 minutes back. During this 20 minutes I always asked questions myself and answered them. For example, what is my favorite meal and why?

You can create valuable time like me during your daily life. You can practice while you are in the train. Your possible question will be “what is my favorite way of commuting and why?”.

In your everyday life be aware of the choices you make and ask yourself the reasons. Finally, this will be your way of thinking. And also you will realize that the reasons you have already come up with will be suitable for different questions. You can use them while answering different questions which will gain you more time.

Here is my time allocation:

  • To state my choice: 5 seconds (you can use the sentence in the question)
  • First reason and example: 15 seconds
  • Second reason and example: 15 seconds
  • Conclusion: 10 seconds.

First, it may not be possible to find two examples and tell them in 45 seconds. Instead after stating your reason you can add one more sentence supporting your reason, and it would be fine.

Secondly, I allocate 10 seconds for conclusion because even if reasons or examples take longer time, you will still have enough time to conclude your answer by saying “That is why I think that way”. Be sure that you make a conclusion when possible.

This way of answering may not be perfect. You can improve your answer later. But these tricks were enough for me to take 102 from TOEFL and very very useful at the beginning of my preparation.

Last, but not least, record your answers in this website and also listen to sample answers and others’ answers. Thus, you will learn what is expected from you and you will share your experience.

Good Luck!


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