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  1. Bhagwanti

    In my view, people should not be allowed to keep pit bull dogs for several reasons.

    First of all, pit bulls are too dangerous for people, because people have been attacked and some killed. Statistics are also against pit bulls. We have never heard of a spaniel killing somebody. When we hear a dog killed or hurt someone, it is always a pit bull. They are simply not the same as any other dog. Although they might be good guard dogs, we need buy other dogs instead of pit bulls.

    Secondly, the owners always say we treated them like children, but I can’t seem to trust them. If they feel threatened or afraid of a little kid they may act upon their brutal instincts. If they’re unpredictable they shouldn’t be pets.

    Lastly, I could never understand how people actually find them cute. Aesthetics is subjective, but it is hard to grasp someone finding pit bulls charming.

    For these reasons, in my view, people should not be allowed to keep pit bull dogs.

  2. saf

    This is my third recording in a row. I really hope I’m making improvements.
    I’d like to add that you guys are doing a great job. Love the team behind TOEFL Speaking!

    • gn

      first u should understand why the question is specified its not about dogs its only about pitbull because is considered to be dangerious then ordinary .

  3. Maeghan H.

    My answer to the TOEFL Speaking question is no people should not be able to keep pit bulls as pets because they can maul children to death.


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