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  1. Bhagwanti

    I come from a culture where we absolutely never wear shoes in the house. We wear slippers instead and we always remove them upon entering anyone’s home.

    Firstly, wearing our shoes in the house is hazardous to our health. Our shoes pick up all kinds of dirt outside.

    Secondly, doing so prevents us from having to clean the floors so often or spend a lot of money to have our carpets cleaned.

    Thirdly, it’s more comfortable, and much quieter if we live in an apartment building.

    For these reasons, from my point of view, shoes should not be worn inside the house.

  2. aydarm16

    Need to work on my pronunciation and pace.

  3. 91simo

    can you please score my answer? i need an idea of how i am doing

      • 91simo

        My answer to the TOEFL Speaking question.

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