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  1. chinmayatspeaking

    Hey, Please review the audio below. Can you rate it as ETS would do? I will be nice . Thank you !

    • Moderator

      Dear @chinmayatspeaking,

      The score: 3/4

      Your response indicate you are able to speak in English about your personal experiences and opinions in a mostly clear and coherent manner. Your speech is mostly clear with only occasional errors. Grammar and vocabulary are somewhat limited and include some errors. At times, the limitations prevent you from elaborating fully on your ideas, but they do not seriously interfere with overall communication.

  2. drashti

    Please find my answer and review it

    • Moderator

      Hi @drashti,

      The Score: 3/4

      The response addresses the task appropriately.

      Speech is generally clear with some fluidity of expression.

      Response is sustained and conveys relevant ideas / information.

      Response exhibits some imprecise and inaccurate use of grammatical structures.

      You say;
      “I prefer to eat at home rather than going to restaurants.”
      You should say;
      “I prefer EATING at home rather than GOING to restaurants.” or
      “I prefer TO EAT at home rather than TO GO to restaurants.”
      You need to be consistent and use parallel constructions (gerund or infinitive).

      You say “First of all is …”.
      You should say “First of all, …” (without “it”) and then the sentence.
      Also, to state your second reason, just say “Secondly, …”

      You say “on every Sundays”.
      You should choose one of these: “on Sundays” or “every Sunday (without -s)”.

      Check the following sentence;
      You may say;
      “So, I enjoy eating at home more than going out and eating at restaurants.”
      You shouldn’t use past tense and you should use parallel constructions (The verb “enjoy” is followed by a gerund). Then your response will be consistent.
      Also, check the usage of “more than” (not just after the verb, but between two choices).

      You say “Thus, because of these reasons …”.
      You should choose one of them. To use them together is redundant.

      Be sure to complete your response in 45 seconds.


  3. Rose

    My answer to the TOEFL Speaking question.

  4. Marie

    My answer to the TOEFL Speaking question.


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