Which policy do you think is better for first-year students and why? Include details and examples in your explanation.

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      Dear @chinmayatspeaking,

      In my view, this is your best answer. Very good, WELL DONE!

      You stated very good reasons for your preference; students would like to have freedom, and they could have different preferences and backgrounds. The second reason is also very good, “economic reasons”. You are always very good for the beginning and conclusion parts.


      You say “The second reason is” then you state a sentence. You should say “The second reason is THAT … “, or just “Secondly”.

      After you explain your second reason, you say “… also is important.” I couldn’t understand the first word of the sentence. And you should say “… is also important” (the word “also” comes after “is”).

      I hope you will find these reviews useful. Please, continue to send your answers for the other questions. You may also answer the same questions for the second time.

      Good luck!!

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    My answer to the TOEFL Speaking question.

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    My answer to the TOEFL Speaking question.

    • angelaplugo

      Any feedback , I will appreciate it
      the speaking script
      ” I think that living on or off campus should be a student’s option. As a first year student, I will choose to live off campus for two reasons. First, it’s cheap, and second, it’s a good option for picky eater.
      Living off campus is not expensive. I can rent a house or an apartment with friends, and I will pay less than if I were living on campus. Besides, I will have my own privacy, space, and even better I don’t have to share room with anybody that I don’t know well.
      Another reason is that I can cook my own meals. If I’m allergic to some type of food, I can buy my own groceries, make what I want to eat at the moment and I’m not obligated to eat something that I don’t like. Besides, I wouldn’t have to pay for plan meals that are expensive too.
      In conclusion, living off campus is the best option for me since it is not expensive and let me to decide my own meals.”


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