Which role do you prefer? Give details and examples to support your response.

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  1. Bhagwanti

    When faced with an emergency, I take on the role of leader.

    The characteristic of leadership interested me most because, for as long as I can remember, I have been constantly taught the importance of leadership. My mother always said, “Be a leader, not a follower.” This philosophy has stuck with me throughout my entire life.

    Through experience I have learned that with leadership rises great responsibility. A praiseworthy leader holds their head up with integrity and leads by always setting a good example.

    Having to take charge of an emergency situation can be one of the biggest tests of our leadership skills we will ever experience. Everything is under extreme pressure and there is no room for mistakes – one bad decision on our part can cost a life or significantly injure more people; however, we also have the potential to save lives and mitigate a big disaster by employing our leadership skills to good effect.

    I choose to accept the responsibility and become a great leader who is able to naturally inspire and influence others.


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